Days 1-4

Day 1...
We all got in the vehicle, drove to Valdez, and picked up the Cordovans. We introduced ourselves and drove to SERVS where they told us about their program and also gave us booklets and mood pencils.  (Thanks!)
After SERVS we went inside a huge tunnel and saw some bear prints in the mud. Afterward, we headed over to the pipeline and learned a lot of interesting facts.
Kenny Lake was our next destination. We stopped and read about the river from the signs along side the road. We then drove to our final stop of the day; A gorgeous house that we were lucky enough to be guests at. Once in the house, we were to have pizza for dinner and decided to pair off and hold a pizza making contest. Everyone was very creative in what they molded their pizza into, but in the end, only one group could be the victor.
Day 2...
We woke up at 7 AM, got ready, and drove to Paxson.
We visited the fish hatchery where we were given a tour. Then we ate lunch by the Gulkana river.
After lunch, we drove to the outlook next to Princess where we took in the great view.
Afterward, we drove to the Klutina River and listened to our guest speaker.
Back in Kenny Lake that night, we had a campfire and indulged in a serious discussion about topics involving our watershed.
We then finished off the night with yummy cake and ice cream.
Day 3...
We woke up at 7 AM and visited Markle Pete's fish camp where we learned about fish wheels and Markle answered all of our questions we had.
Our next destination was the National Park Service where we explored the buildings and learned new facts from the information boards.
Chitina was our last stop before rafting the river.
Trooper Simeon was kind enough to inform us of all the dangers of the Copper River and the precautions we always need to take.
Then...we strapped on our life vests, secured them, and rafted a ways down  the river!
We stopped at our first campsite along the river, unpacked, and set up camp.
Day 4...
We woke up, packed up our tents, and ate a wonderful breakfast made by our amazing rafting guide who also happens to make amazing meals (on a river no less!).
All of our dry bags were put into the rafts and we were floating  on the river again. After a few hours on the river, we stopped and ate lunch. Hours of beautiful scenery later, we stopped at our next campsite and set everything up after unpacking the rafts. We enjoyed a great meal and then were off to bed.